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These declarations serve as the building blocks of our advocacy, shaping perceptions, influencing policy, and fostering a collective understanding of the vital issues we champion. Through the art of proclamation, we carve a path toward a better, more informed future—one proclamation at a time. Join us in harnessing the potential of these powerful statements to propel our cause forward and make a lasting impact on the world.


This Year's Proclamations

Please help us this year with requesting a proclamation. See below for details.

Past Proclamations

Request a Proclamation

If you would like to help and submit a proclamation request to your town, city, and/or municipality. Please feel free to download a template below.

We just kindly ask two things, first that you make us aware of which town, city, and/or municipality you will be submitting a request and when and secondly, if your request was granted or not, so we can share with other members.