P.O. Box 50030 London, ON N6A 6H8 info@rett.ca (519) 474-6877

How We Help

  • Provide new members that are parents/guardians with a complimentary package that includes the Silent Angel DVD and Rett Syndrome Handbook
  • The only Canadian Rett Association to host conferences and medical symposiums
  • Provide funding for Canadian research initiatives through the Hope Fund
  • Fund and support Rett Syndrome Clinics at:
  • Assist with connecting families to the Rett Syndrome Clinics and the
  • Developed and launched the Canadian Rett Syndrome Registry
  • Completely fund the ongoing operational costs of the Canadian Rett Syndrome Registry
  • Connect families to regional representatives, other families and supports
  • Provide an information-based web site and communications
  • Host regional activities to provide caring support and networking opportunities
  • Operate a Resource Centre

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