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Scientific Advisory Board

O.R.S.A. would like to introduce our Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Rick Goodhew

Rick lives in London, Ontario with his wife Shereen and their 2 children, Marissa (1998) and Josh (2003). Marissa was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome at age 3, confirmed genetically at age 8. Josh (her “big little brother”) is currently in university with plans to go into genetic research. Easy to see where his inspiration came from! Rick is a family doctor in St. Thomas, Ontario and has served on O.R.S.A.’s Research Advisory Committee since 2010.

Cynthia Martineau

Cynthia has been working with O.R.S.A. for over 10 years. She first became aware of the association in 2002, five years after her daughter Rachel was born and finally diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. Cynthia has working in health care for over 35 years as a Registered Nurse in various settings including the Canadian Forces and as a system planner and health care executive in Ontario. She has supported O.R.S.A. as a Chapter Chair serving on the Board of Directors and developed the Request for Proposal process for the Hope Fund Grants .  She continues to work with Dr. Rick Goodhew on the assessment of proposals every year since the process was instituted. Cynthia lives in Belleville with her husband, Frank. She has one other daughter Chloe, who now lives and works in Toronto.