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Families Support the Run4Rett


For our family, the Run4Rett has always been a chance to get together and show support for Abby and for all those with Rett syndrome.  When Abby was very young, I used to say, if she ever learns to walk, we’re going to have the biggest party!  After several months of intensive physiotherapy, she did learn to walk.  But by then, we were dealing with full regression and one devastating new symptom after another.  I see the annual Run4Rett as that party where we celebrate Abby year after year.

Whenever someone asks about Abby throughout the year, I tell them about the Run4Rett and suggest they join in the fun.  We have a growing team of supporters.  Our email list has morphed into a Team Abby blog.  We keep family and friends informed about Abby and about the Ontario Rett Syndrome Association.  As much as I can, I give specific examples about how their donations help Abby.  Our team has come to understand that donations to O.R.S.A. are valuable and helpful to us, personally.

For me, the emphasis has to be on the moral support and social gathering.  When people start to learn more about Abby and get to know other families, they naturally want to also support O.R.S.A. financially.  Every year, I look forward to meeting new families and reconnecting with all the others.  Most of all, itís the day of the year when Abby wears her biggest smile.  Who doesn’t love a party?

Karen Congram

How To Host An Event

If you are interested in hosting or helping to plan an event on behalf of O.R.S.A., please browse through the three fundraising documents below. Please contact a member of the Fundraising Committee at fundraising@rett.ca or call 1-519-474-6877 if you have any questions or would like more information.

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