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Help Us Win $20,000

Everyday those affected with Rett Syndrome face many challenges. This year has probably been the most challenging for all of us due to the global COVID 19 pandemic crisis. This pandemic has put many at risk with underlying medical conditions due to their age or disability. 

Our members well-being and safety is our utmost priority. To ensure the safety of our members and their families, we have been looking for creative ways to continue to bring you information from the cancelled conference during this time. Due to restrictions, our popular fundraising events are put on hold, as we continue to monitor the pandemic crisis this year. As you may know these have been our Association’s main source of income to support our members in the past. 

The Great Canadian Giving Challenge is one way you and others can make a difference in the lives of those individuals with Rett Syndrome, which is a national contest hosted annually by CanadaHelps. Every $1 donated throughout the month of June 2020 qualifies Ontario Rett Syndrome Association (O.R.S.A.) to win $20,000! If you can donate, O.R.S.A. appreciates your generosity and the increased chances for us to win! If you are able, CanadaHelps would also allow you to setup automatic recurring monthly donations. 

With $20,000, O.R.S.A. would be able to continue to support funding towards Canadian research projects, support the three Rett Syndrome Clinics, develop resources, and advocate for the needs of individuals with Rett Syndrome and their families.