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Toronto Western Hospital Provides Support, Toronto, Ontario

Board representatives along with Dr. Eubanks met with a Dr. Danielle Andrade and Dr. Carlen on January 22, 2010 at The Toronto Western Hospital.  Both doctors are Neurologists in the Epilepsy Clinic.  Dr. Andrade is a Clinical Physician, where Dr. Carlen keeps his foot in the Clinical part but also dedicates much of his time to the Research.  After much discussion on the issues of a female with Rett syndrome and the lack of support in the GTA, Dr. Andrade agreed to see Rett syndrome patients.  She will be able to see any female 16 years of age or older in her Epilepsy Clinic.  Dr. Andrade is a Neurologist so in order to get in to see her, the Rett patient should have either had seizures, has seizures now or be on seizure medication.  Dr. Carlen is willing to see Rett patients if Dr. Andrade is too busy to see them in a timely fashion. The Clinic will help with the management of seizures.  Dr. Andrade is also willing to refer any patient with Rett syndrome to any other Physician they might require care from.  She will see patients once or twice a year, but parents can always call and discuss management issues by phone.  Families wishing to be seen there can have either their family doctor or pediatrician send a referral to her.  Referrals can be faxed to 416 603-5768.  They should include the individuals name, phone #, date of birth, address and OHIP number.  It would be very helpful to Dr. Andrade to have all previous medical information transferred to her.  O.R.S.A. would like to thank Dr. Eubanks for putting us in touch with these doctors and to Dr. Andrade for being willing to take on our families with Rett syndrome.  Hopefully in time the Clinic will be able to offer more to our GTA families, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

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