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Entering a New World

When a child is diagnosed with Rett syndrome, it can be very difficult for parents to accept. Families of newly-diagnosed children need time to grieve and sometimes a grief counsellor specializing in special needs is helpful. The Ontario Rett Syndrome Association (O.R.S.A.) is there to help you when your family is ready to move on. There are connections that can be made to other parents, to one of the Rett Syndrome Clinics in Ontario and to other supports. Information is available to you through O.R.S.A.‘s resource centre, website and newsletter. The association (O.R.S.A.) can provide you with a sense of belonging to an extended family that can help you manage through the difficult times. It is committed to support each family with up-to-date knowledge and new discoveries as they travel their journey with their loved one who has Rett syndrome.