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2010 Research Grant Announcement


Ontario Rett Syndrome Association (O.R.S.A.)
announces $35,000 research grant award
London, Ontario  – September 20, 2010 – The Ontario Rett Syndrome Association Board of Directors has unanimously approved the funding of a $35,000 Research Grant to Dr. John J. Greer, PhD, AHFMR Scientist and Professor, Department of Physiology at the University of Alberta.
Dr. Greer’s research grant proposal submission, entitled Investigation of Respiratory Dysfunction in a Mouse, was evaluated by O.R.S.A.’s Research Advisory Committee. This committee is comprised of prominent neurologists, geneticists and scientists from across Canada assisted by members of O.R.S.A.’s Board of Directors.  Dr. Greer’s project collaborators include Jun Ren, Postdoctoral Fellow and Wei Zhang, Research Associate.
The intent of the Ontario Rett Syndrome Association Research Grant Program is to identify and fund professionals who are committed to conducting novel, emerging or innovative research in areas relevant to the cure, cause, prevention, improved treatment and/or understanding of Rett Syndrome and its implications on society. The entire funding amount of this research grant was raised through donations and fundraising activities. O.R.S.A. wishes to support research excellence and the development of a wide scope of Rett Syndrome research across Canada.
About Rett Syndrome and the Ontario Rett Syndrome Association (O.R.S.A)
Rett Syndrome (RS) is a unique developmental disorder which begins to show its affects in infancy or early childhood. It is seen mostly in females, although it can occur rarely in boys. It is found in all racial and ethnic groups throughout the world. The Ontario Rett Syndrome Association (O.R.S.A.) exists to ensure that girls and women with RS are enabled to achieve their full potential and enjoy the highest quality of life within their community.
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