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Government Programs & Associations

Below is a list of government programs and associations that may assist individuals with Rett syndrome.  These programs and, associations are not related to or recommended by O.R.S.A. and in no way does O.R.S.A. guarantee funding or support from any of these programs or associations.


Special Services at Home (SSAH) – http://www.children.gov.on.ca/htdocs/English/topics/specialneeds/specialservices/index.aspx

Disability Tax Credit – http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pbg/tf/t2201/README.html

Disabled Person Parking Permit – http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pbg/tf/t2201/README.html

Community Living Ontario – http://communitylivingontario.ca/

C.O.R.D. – https://www.raredisorders.ca/

Exceptional Family – http://www.miriamfoundation.ca/

Ministry of Health-ADP Program- http://www.health.gov.on.ca/

Neurological Health Charities Canada (NHCC) – http://www.mybrainmatters.ca/

Ontario Association of CCAC – http://oaccac.com/

Respite Services – http://www.respiteservices.com/



International Rett Syndrome Foundation – http://www.rettsyndrome.org/

Manitoba Rett Syndrome Association – http://www.rettsyndrome.mb.ca/

Rett Syndrome Association of UK – http://www.rettuk.org/

Rett Syndrome Society of Alberta – http://www.rettsyndromealberta.org/

Rett Syndrome Society of B.C. – http://www.rettbc.ca/

Saskatchewan Rett Syndrome Association – https://www.facebook.com/SaskRett