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The Ontario Rett Syndrome Association dedicates a financial contribution of $20,000 towards the necessary funding needed to maintain the Rett Syndrome Clinic at the Children Hospital of Eastern Ontario.  Without this yearly contribution from O.R.S.A. the clinic would not continue.  This is one important way that O.R.S.A. provides support to its membership.  The entire yearly contribution of $20,000 to the clinic at CHEO is funded by donations and fundraising dollars that are given to O.R.S.A.  Please consider supporting O.R.S.A. through your renewal of membership, fundraising activity, or a donation so vital services like the Rett Syndrome Clinic can continue in the future.

The Rett Syndrome Clinic at CHEO provides diagnostic expertise and clinic care to children, youth, (and consultative services for adults) as well as their families.  The service that we provide includes:  medical management of neurological issues. i.e. seizures, contractures, sleep disorders, dystonia.  We have a multidisciplinary approach to care.  Consultation will be made to appropriate disciplines. i.e. Gastroenterology, orthopedics, bone health, cardiology, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy as needed.  The clinic is a venue for clinical research in Rett syndrome. There is also a teaching role for students and resident physicians that may be in attendance.  Make your donation today on-line or mail directly to:  Ontario Rett Syndrome Association P.O. Box 50030 London, ON N6A 6H8 T: (519) 474-6877.

The Ontario Rett Syndrome Association is continuing to financially support the Rett Syndrome Clinic in London, Ontario at the Thames Valley Children’s Centre (TVCC).  O.R.S.A’s financial support is approximately $8650.00.  This funding will pay for the nurse coordinator’s time.  O.R.S.A. has agreed to co-sponsor this specialized clinic for the next two years.  2012 – 2014.

So please renew or become a member or make a donation  to O.R.S.A. so these clinics can continue to support the families to help care for their individual with Rett.