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Conference 2016



The Ontario Rett Syndrome Association’s 2016 “Rising Towards Tomorrow” conference has a full agenda spanning over three days. Included will be a pre-conference one-day workshop on developing in- depth communication strategies with methods ranging from the use of low technology to the new speech generated eye tracking devices. The development of emergent reading and literacy skills will also be a focus. There is great interest and demand today to assist children and adults living with Rett syndrome (RTT) to communicate effectively and learn literacy and reading skills. The workshop will benefit educators, speech therapists, support staff and parents. Two of the top international speakers in this field will be presenting.


Rett syndrome is considered as one of the most challenging neurological disorders among children today. An individual living with RTT can have numerous comorbidities such as breathing issues, GI concerns, scoliosis, bone health, seizures and so many more. The “Rising Towards Tomorrow” conference will address many of the comorbidities and share best practices. Physical and occupational therapy programs are a daily part of a person’s life living with RTT. A knowledgeable therapeutic team will present current strategies for all ages.


A cure and/or treatment for those living with Rett syndrome is a daily wish for every family and the Ontario Rett Syndrome Association. Presentations on the conference agenda will include the latest research discoveries and current drug trial advancements. Future opportunities for Canadians living with Rett syndrome will be discussed. Medical professionals, therapists, support agencies and families will all benefit from listening to the extensive list of presenters.


Together we can look towards tomorrow and rise up and believe in a better life for all those living with Rett syndrome in Canada and around the world.


See you in April!


Terry Boyd & Shari Hamelin

Registration Questions and Answers


Registration opens January 29th. Registration deadline: March 28th




(Conference & Workshop Agenda, Guest Speakers, Hotel Reservations, House Rules, Meals and other valuable information is available by downloading the above Conference Brochure)




O.R.S.A. is very proud to have many individuals traveling from across Canada to attend its bi-annual conferences. It is recognized that every attendee makes great sacrifices to come to this extraordinary educational event. We are also very fortunate in the Rett syndrome community to have excellent informed speakers who give of their personal time to present at each conference. In the past children and individuals with Rett syndrome were welcomed into conference presentations. With great respect and consideration, the conference committee would like to ask that all children under the age of 16 and those who have Rett syndrome spend time enjoying the hotel pools and the city of Ottawa while their parents attend the presentations. To find out what is available at the Courtyard by Marriott or the Hampton by Hilton please visit their websites. To learn what is happening in the city of Ottawa, visit Ottawa Tourism at www.ottawatourism.ca . The St. Laurent Shopping Centre is located close to the two hotels and the conference centre. To learn more please visit stlaurentshoppingcentre.com. Thank you for respecting this request.




The Saturday evening banquet is always a memorable celebration. This will be a very special evening that salutes O.R.S.A.’s 25th anniversary and the 50th anniversary since the first article about Rett syndrome was published by Dr. Andreas Rett. The Rett Syndrome Clinic at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario will also be celebrating their 10th anniversary. 2016 is a very special year!


O.R.S.A. invites members of the Rett syndrome community, conference attendees and all family members and friends to the celebration banquet. The evening will include dinner, awards and special tributes and so much more. You are welcome to invite friends and family who aren’t registered for the conference. Additional tickets are available for $40.00 per adult or $25.00 per child (3-10 yrs.) Please be sure to order these tickets when you register. All children and adults with Rett syndrome will be O.R.S.A.’s special guest and will have a complimentary dinner. They will still need to register for the dinner so we can prepare for everyone. Deadline is March 28, 2015. There will be a cash bar at the banquet.

The workshop/conference registration fee DOES NOT cover accommodation costs.

Everyone must book their own hotel rooms.


Here is the information for the link to booking rooms at the Courtyard Marriott:


Deadline for special conference rate: March 21, 2016.


For reservations call: 1-613-741-9862 or 1-855-333-6896


Remember to state you are booking under: ORS


Click on COURTYARD Marriott Logo to book online quickly as there are limited guest rooms.




Here is the information for the link to booking rooms at the Hampton Inn:


Deadline for special conference rate: March 21, 2016.


For reservations call: 1-877-701-1281


Remember to state you are booking under: ORS


Click on Hampton Inn Logo to book online quickly as there are limited guest rooms.

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