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It’s the 1st of October and Rett syndrome awareness month is officially underway. Annually, October is the month we give a big push to educate the public about Rett syndrome, to raise awareness and to share stories. This year our focus is WHY. Why would you give? We’ll be sharing stories throughout the month, stories from people like you telling us why they give.


The Ontario Rett Syndrome Association is joining forces with others around the world to tell the world about why we are all giving to find a cure and change the world for girls and women who live with Rett syndrome.


We share a common goal: finding treatments – and ultimately a cure – as soon as humanly possible, by speeding up the research that will unlock the girls. We’re asking everyone who gives to this life-changing cause – every family member, friend, sponsor, donor – to tell us what motivates you to give, whether it’s running a marathon, writing a cheque, organizing an event or taking part in a clinical trial.


This is what we’re asking YOU to do – post on social media using the hashtag ‪#‎WWYG‬, tell the world WHY you give. Let’s make this October one where people are inspired to learn more, give more and develop a lasting connection to our important cause.


You can freely share any of the images or links you see us using through the month. Want the cover photo or shareable graphic? Use them with our gratitude!! Please visit the website www.wwyg.org to see stories from dozens of people around the world. Want to see your story on the website? Send it to us along with a picture and we’ll add it for you.


When people work together the burden is shared and amazing things can happen. Here’s to a month full of awesome unity!

Please take the time to read the following two stories, thank you:

Terry- http://www.wwyg.org/portfolio/terry/


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