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FLASH (AAC) Camp Update!

The weekend of May 19 – 22 was an extra special one for O.R.S.A! Our amazing first-time partnership with an AAC camp proved to be wildly successful. FLASH (Family Literacy and AAC on the Shores of Huron) Camp… Read More

Taysha Rett Program Update

Sabrina Millson, President of Ontario Rett Syndrome Association quoted, “This is a momentous day for the Rett syndrome community. As a mom to a daughter living with Rett syndrome and the president of the Ontario Rett Syndrome Association… Read More

DayBue Announcement

Acadia Pharmaceuticals Announces DAYBUE™ (trofinetide) is Now Available for the Treatment of Rett Syndrome  — Commercial launch of DAYBUE offers Rett syndrome community the first and only approved therapy for Rett syndrome, a rare, neurodevelopmental disorder, which affects 6,000… Read More