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2016 Rising Towards Tomorrow Conference Presentations

Below is a copy of several of the presentations from the 2016 Rising Towards Tomorrow Conference. The content of the presentation is considered confidential.  We asked that the content is not copied, modified or used as part of any presentations  Your cooperation in this request is appreciated.

Comorbidity Panel 2: Seizures in Rett syndrome-Dr. Humphreys

Gastrointestinal Concerns in Rett Syndrome-Dr. Motil

Genetics-RTT and other related conditions-Dr. Siu

LQT in Rett Syndrome-Dr. Gow

Rett Syndrome What We Know Today-Dr. Percy

Occupational and Physical Therapy for Childern and Adults with RTT- Captain Dermody

The Future of Drug Trials in Canada-Dr. MacLeod

Rett Syndrome Research Update-Dr. Eubanks